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Visualization may be a solution for both of those issues.” – Maciej Wozaniak wird am 28. Mai aus Polen zu uns nach Berlin kommen um mit uns seine Erfahrungen, Tipps und Tricks im Content Marketing zu teilen. Wir hatten bereits jetzt die Gelegenheit ihm einige Fragen zu stellen und erhielten dabei bereits eine erste sneak-preview auf seine Session auf der Content Marketing Masters – aber schaut selbst:

Maciej_WozniakContent Marketing Masters: What are the different working areas and projects you work for?

Maciej: I am founder of Whites agency, where we provide White Hat SEO and content marketing services. I also work on a completely new project – a global start-up, where visualized content plays a key role.


Content Marketing Masters: How did you get into the content marketing industry?

Maciej: Since the beginning of Whites, we have focused on White Hat SEO strategies and content marketing is very natural and quality tactics to support it. Besides, we had done a lot of content marketing for our own brand and it brought us not only visibility in Google, but was also a source of new clients itself.


Content Marketing Masters: Have you been to Germany before? If so, did you like it? Are you looking forward to Berlin?

Maciej: My wife’s family live very close to the German border, so I visit Berlin at least once a year, mostly for shopping. I also had a chance to do some sightseeing. I love this relaxing and creative atmosphere of Berlin. With reasonable priced accommodation and great commuting system it seems like a great place to live.


Content Marketing Masters: What are you expecting of a German content marketing conference?

Maciej: Content Marketing is not new, but definitely a hot topic nowadays, with some rapid developments in this area. I really am looking forward to share experiences regarding the polish market and get inspired by other markets’ case studies.


Content Marketing Masters: Could you give us a little sneak-preview what your session will be about?

Maciej: I am really fascinated how the internet effects our ways of media consumption. There is more and more content available online while having the same amount of time to read it. This effects content marketing in two ways. Firstly, only outstanding content works. Sometimes it is better to do nothing than provide average articles. Secondly, we have much less time to attract the users’ attention and communicate our message. Visualization may be a solution for both of those issues.


Content Marketing Masters: In which content marketing topics or developments are you most interested in?

Maciej: Since we are a SEO agency, I spend a lot of time figuring out how content marketing can effect search engine rankings. I am also interested in infographics and content visualization in general.


Content Marketing Masters: What work challenge keeps you up at night?

Maciej: If I had to reply in one word I would say “Scalability”. It is a challenge I struggle with while growing an agency business. It is also hard to scale White Hat SEO and content marketing campaigns.


Content Marketing Masters: What is the last business book you read? Can you recommend it?

Maciej: I would definitely recommend the last book I have read – “Good To Great”. It tries to answer the question: “What makes good companies become great ones”. It helped me to get different perspective on running business. Currently I read “The Innovator’s Dilemma”, very insightful piece of content.


Content Marketing Masters: Do you have another passion besides content marketing?

Maciej: I think “doing business” is one of my passions, especially the ones with chance of a rapid growth. This is the reason why I am fascinated by the startup world, where the mix of passion, knowledge, hard work and a bit of luck can get you to a fortune in a couple of years.

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