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Nicht nur bei Branded3 wird Stephen, dort als Head of Search tätig, sehr für seine besondere Expertise geschätzt – auch bei ist er ein gerne und oft gesehener Kolumnist. Natürlich freuen auch wir uns bereits sehr auf seinen Vortrag „Guerrilla user testing content marketing“ am 28. Mai, hier in Berlin. Wir haben den britischen Online Profi zum Interview gebeten, um ihm vorab die Geheimisse seiner Session zu entlocken:



Content Marketing Masters: How did you get into the content marketing industry?

Stephen: Branded3 has been heavily involved in SEO since around 2007, but the industry has become more and more content focused during that time. Before joining the agency I worked as an advertising copywriter – my degree is in journalism so creating copy has always been something I’ve enjoyed. The balance of technical and creative really appeals to me and just isn’t anywhere near so even in most other marketing channels.


Content Marketing Masters: What are the different working areas and projects you work for?

Stephen: I oversee Branded3’s Search and Content Marketing offering, working directly with clients and closely with the agency’s SEO, PPC, PR, design, development, data and analytics teams.


Content Marketing Masters: Have you been to Germany before? If so, did you like it? Are you looking forward to Berlin?

Stephen: I haven’t, this is my first time – very much looking forward to it, some fantastic speakers from agencies like Ph.Creative and Builtvisible who I have massive respect for.




Content Marketing Masters: What are you expecting of a German content marketing conference?

Stephen: The German search market has always leaned towards the technical side, so I’m expecting the same in content marketing – definitely a good thing!


Content Marketing Masters: Could you give us a little sneak-preview what your session will be about?

Stephen: I’m demonstrating the advantages of user testing in content marketing, and how to conduct simple user tests without investing heavily in tools or skills. It’s always been my belief that analytics can tell you what users are doing with content, and therefore if it is working, but to understand why it is working you need a more direct, qualitative insight into customers.


Content Marketing Masters: In which content marketing topics or developments are you most interested in?

Stephen: Content discovery platforms (Taboola in particular) are very exciting right now, and a fantastic way to get more direct, product focused content out there. I’ve always been more of a fan of good information architecture than simply sticking a blog on a site and calling it a content marketing strategy, so it’s interesting that sites are being rewarded more for what you might call “sales” content than “fun” content in search engines at least.


Finde Stephen jetzt auf LinkedIn und folge ihm auf Twitter.


Content Marketing Masters: What work challenge keeps you up at night?

Stephen: How to make video content more affordable. I don’t think video should be the sole focus of a content marketing strategy, but it can certainly add a great deal, and I’m looking into ways to integrate this more efficiently.


Content Marketing Masters: What is the last business book you read? Can you recommend it?

Stephen: Predatory Thinking by Dave Trott, and yes I can definitely recommend it. If you’re naturally more technical than creative books are essential, and likewise if you’re more of a creative, technical books help massively. Dave writes more on the creative side.


Content Marketing Masters: Do you have another passion besides content marketing?

Stephen: I love the agency world. Seeing the work other agencies are putting together in advertising, social media, SEO and everything else is always incredibly interesting. There’s plenty of opportunities to translate that to your own content marketing strategy.


Du möchtest mehr von Stephen Kenwright und seiner Content Marketing Expertise erfahren? Dann bestell noch heute dein persönliches Ticket!

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