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  • AJ Huisman

    Albert Jan (AJ) Huisman is the founder of Y Content a strategic marketing consultancy company primarily focused on professional services firms and B2B companies. After 20 years in the (international) trenches as a Marketing Director for large (international) firms he started his own consultancy in 2016 so he is a seasoned veteran as it comes to steering organizations through change regarding their marketing challenges. He is also a regular speaker on the subject of Content Marketing and has spoken at Content Marketing World Conference 5 times, B2B Marketing Profs twice and dozens of other (corporate) events around the globe. He is also a member of the jury of the prestigious Content Marketing Awards. With Bert van Loon he also co-founded of Content Marketing Fast Forward. A platform for marketers, communication professionals and entrepreneurs for getting their content marketing knowledge up to speed in an interactive, insightful and fun way.

    Conference: 69 key insights from 41kg of (content) marketing books

  • Andrea Boscaro

    After experiences in Vodafone and Lycos, Andrea has been managing director of the Italian branch of the German shopping engine Pangora (now Connexity), and later the founder of the Italian training and consulting agency The Vortex. He published several books on e-commerce and digital marketing and he is a professional trainer with a focus on the way the publishing sector is facing the digital transformation. 

    Conference: The square of the digital content: What content is best suited for each platform?

  • Andreea Georgescu

    Andreea started studying at the University of Pharmacy in Bucharest, but finished Journalism. For the next 7 years, she worked in radio, TV, printed media and then digital. At 23, became part of the Ringier team. She launched the project that became the largest women website in .ro: Unica. At 25, she was the Deputy Editor in Chief for the largest Romanian newspaper. She was also in the Ringier consultants’ team who have launched the first integrated newsroom in Romania and settled the editorial workflow for more than 110 journalists. And then Webspire happened. At the end of 2011, Andreea started her own agency, specialized in digital business consultancy. She and the team were involved in more than 300 projects in industries such as real estate, law, IT, art and auction houses, healthcare, education, FMCG, publishing, fashion, etc. They are working with multinational and local companies, but they are also very proud to be involved in launching and developing startups. Their most lasting relationship with a client has the same age with Webspire. Their focus is on Content Marketing, but also on Online Reputation Management, where they are performing a mix of consultancy, PR, SEO, interactive platforms and Intellectual Property regulations. Currently they are developing their own product: an interactive Business Intelligence Platform. When she’s not working, most probably Andreea’s writing jokes for stand-up comedy performances. The latest was in Gotham Comedy Club in NYC and she enjoyed success even though nobody understood the digital jokes.

    Conference: How to convert feelings into business

  • Antonino Biondi

    Antonino Biondi (born 1975) studied in Kiel and Hamburg Political Science, Sociology and Psychology. He started his professional career as Digital Researcher at BBDO InterOne in Hamburg and worked afterwards as Head of Media Research at Aegis Media in Vienna. After various positions in digital marketing at Sanofi and L’Oréal in Austria. Antonino moved in 2013 to Berlin, where he worked as County Digital Marketing Manager for Pfizer. Since 2016 he rejoined L’Oréal as Digital Director for Maybelline N.Y. and Essie.

    Conference: Influencer-Marketing: Vom Ego-Trip zum Teamplayer am Beispiel von GlossyTalk von Maybelline New York

  • Balázs Gandera

    Balázs Gandera is an international Google trainer and CEO of Intren, a Budapest-based digital agency. His team focuses on data driven performance marketing, analytics and digital brand management. With extensive experience in the CEE market, Intren applies worldwide best practices to meet the custom demands of both multinational clients and CEE clients on smaller markets. The company’s majority shareholder is STRÖER Digital. Originally a computer engineer, for a decade now Balázs has been trying to bring analytical and data focus into “marketing engineering”; herewith creating a digital brand experience for clients that is based on great creative and overall brand values backed by continuous listening, measurement and evaluation. Intren is also one of the key Google partners in CEE. On top of this, the company is a licensed Google Academy trainer, an Analytics Certified partner & Google 360 suite reseller – including Google Tag Manager and Google Optimize.

    Conference: Insights based content strategies in CEE

  • Bart van Olphen

    After years in the restaurant business in France and the Netherlands Bart learned that every fish had a story. He switched focus from kitchen prep to food procurement and opened Europe’s first sustainable fishmonger and deli in Amsterdam. Since, he personally travelled to countless fisheries worldwide committed to keeping the ocean’s survival a priority. He lives, fishes and cooks together with some of the world’s most amazing fishing communities with the target of offering a communication platform. Three years ago, Bart founded the Fish Tales brand in Europe. Fish Tales cooperates with sustainable and secluded fishing communities around the world to offer consumers fish from sustainable fisheries. Their products are available at Albert Heijn. Together with his girlfriend Bernadien and his children Bo (15), Juul (2) and Ties (just born), Bart lives in Amsterdam.

    Conference: The Fish Tales Times

  • Bert van Loon

    Bert van Loon (NL) grew up in B2B-publishing, experiencing the industry’s open-heart surgery called “switching from print-only to cross media” from the operation theater. Over the last years he has been delivering modern marketing communication strategies to non-publishing organizations using his publishers’ experience to help them building an audience, starting a dialogue and turning eyeballs into business leads. His motto: “I believe #ContentMarketing is to today, what advertising was to the 60s! Mad Men become Meaningful Men!” If he’s not traveling or working at clients’ premises you can find him at his work place on the ancient SS Rotterdam Ocean Liner.

    Conference: 69 key insights from 41kg of (content) marketing books

  • Carsten Rossi

    Carsten Rossi is the CEO of Kammann Rossi GmbH – he supervises customers like ARAG, Continental, Deutsche Bahn, Henkel, Heraeus and ZF among others. Furthermore, he works as a lecturer at the university for technology and economy in Berlin, as well as the Fresenius university in Köln and the social media academy. In addition to this, Carsten is the co-editor and author of various books about “social business” and “digital transformation” from specialist publishers FAZ, and Springer, and he is the editor of Germany’s only print magazine about content marketing: “1 Content Marketing für alle”.

    Conference: Mehr Risiko für alle, oder: Wie Agenturen und Kunden mehr Geld verdienen

  • Constantin Buer

    Constantin is responsible for the OMR-Podcast, the new MoSports podcast, marketing activities of in-house productions and the Podstars network, a part of which are now 9 of the most-successful German podcast formats. Furhtermore, Constantin ensure the professional production of the product formats, which are constantly being further developed and improved. As a member of the OMR podcast team, Constantin knows everything about everything on the German podcasting landscape. Prior to becoming a member of OMR, he cut his teeth in TV production and in several media houses, including a variety of radio stations.

    Conference: The future of podcast marketing

  • Gabriele Crepaz

    Gabriele Crepaz is founder of Core Stories. Strategy & Content. Since 2016 Core Stories stands for strategic content marketing and excellent storytelling. Gabriele Crepaz advises companies in the development of an individual content strategy and accompanies them in the implementation of storytelling formats. Until April 2016 she managed the project Storytelling at IDM South Tyrol, formerly known as South Tyrol Marketing in Bolzano. In doing so, she was responsible for the content marketing platform ‘What is driving us’, on which stories about people in South Tyrol are told. She was significantly involved in the strategy and concept of the project and coordinated content, sales, communication and social media management. In 2015, she won with the first German content marketing prize for ‘What moves us’ in the category ‘strategy’.

    Conference: Schluss mit dem Märchen

  • Helge Ruff

    Helge Ruff is the founder and managing director of the social media agency 1-2-social in Munich. Together with his team he manages companies like KFC Germany, NBCUniversal, Freixenett or Constantin Film, as well as insurance companies, energy producers or automotive brands. The agency not only provides strategic support to companies in social media, but also takes care of content creation, community management, campaign design, and social ads. Helge Ruff specialty is the field of social media. He uses this form of communication for companies since Facebook has introduced company pages. In addition, Helge Ruff is active as a speaker, author and lecturer. At the University of Mannheim, he studied business administration with emphasis on marketing, production and physics. His favorite social media platform is Instagram.

    Conference: Content ist nicht gleich Content: Voraussetzungen und Anforderungen von Social Content

  • Jasper Martens

    In the dusty old pension world, Jasper brings pensions back in people’s mind with PensionBee, UK’s first online pension manager. Leading up brand and marketing, he brings 12 years of experience to the fintech startup, voted as one of the innovations of the year by Financial Times. Jasper started his career working for various startups in Amsterdam through his own online marketing agency. In 2009 Jasper moved to London to join online insurance provider Simply Business as Head of Marketing and Communications. He won a DADI award (online marketing) and Digi Award in 2014 (customer insight) for his campaigns. There’s almost nothing Jasper likes more than collaborating to make cool things happen.

    Conference: Think big, start small, grow fast – building an explosive growth fintech startup with content

  • Karsten Köhler

    Karsten Köhler manages HubSpot’s marketing for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Before moving to the world of inbound marketing, Karsten spent five years working as an editor in journalism. Today, his work at HubSpot is still very content-led. His goals, however, have changed. He is responsible for generating qualified leads for HubSpot’s growing DACH sales team. He does this by producing high quality blog content for the HubSpot blog on a variety of topics, from marketing experiments, to trends to strategy. In addition to this, he is responsible for optimizing blog posts and landing pages for UX, SEO and conversion.

    Conference: Blog-Views werden zu Leads werden zu Sales – Ein Einblick in den HubSpot-Blog

  • Katja Berghoff

    In the course of her career, the cosmetics & FMCG expert Katja Berghoff was responsible for a wide assortment of network agencies, ranging from comprehensive customer portfolios to international large-scale conglomerates. In January 2015, Katja Berghoff took over as Managing Director of Content Cube, that is responsible for the content marketing of L’Oréal.

    Conference: Influencer-Marketing: Vom Ego-Trip zum Teamplayer am Beispiel von GlossyTalk von Maybelline New York

  • Lydia Flügel

    Lydia Flügel is a SEO Consultant at the international online marketing agency Performics in Berlin. There, she advises clients on search engine optimization and carries out technical and strategic analysis. Before she came to Performics, Lydia worked at MeinFernbus (today FlixBus) for 3 years and was responsible for their Online Marketing, specifically SEO and social media, among other things.

    Seminars: Content Marketing für B2C-Unternehmen

  • Magdalena Mues

    Magdalena Mues is Senior Consultant at Performics (formerly AKM3), one of the three largest agencies for search engine and performance marketing in Germany, based in Berlin and Düsseldorf. Magdalena was responsible for the development of the in-house editorial team. Today she leads the on-page team and manages renowned companies in all areas of on-page optimization. With her expertise in content and strategic search engine optimization, she is also in demand as a consultant at industry events.

    Seminars: Content Marketing für B2C-Unternehmen

  • Maik Metzen

    Maik Metzen is CEO of the international online marketing agency Performics at the Berlin office (formerly AKM3), where more than 170 employees are currently employed. With over 2,400 employees in 57 countries, Performics is one of the top three performance agencies worldwide. Maik can look back on over 11 years of online marketing experience. During his studies in economics at the University of Cologne he gained some practical experience in search marketing at Spreadshirt in Boston, USA. Before the founding of AKM3, Maik Metzen was responsible for the SEM, SEO and controlling department of Hitmeister (now Metro Group) for over two years. At Performics, Maik is head of the Content- & Offpage Marketing, Search Engine Advertising and the Finance Department. In addition, Maik is co-founder of cigar online shop Noblego and co-author of the book “SEO – Strategy, Tactics and Technology”.

    Conference: Nachhaltiges, skalierbares & internationales Content Marketing im Großkonzern – Fiktion oder Wirklichkeit? Der 1&1 Digital Guide

    Seminars: Content Marketing für B2B-Unternehmen

  • Mark Leinemann

    “Mark Leinemann is speaker and market representative at trnd – Europe´s market leader in word of mouth and collaborative marketing. He is acting as „first ambassador“ for trnd and develops collaborative marketing solution for brandsin Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Mark Leinemann is known as one of the leadings experts in word of mouth and referral marketing in the german speaking region of D A CH. He has a bachelor in media and communication economics and is experienced in word of mouth and customer made marketing since 2006. e writes about word of mouth marketing on his blog „MR. WOM“, is guest author in several marketing magazines and books, speaks at conferences and is guest lecture at several unversities. Before he joined trnd he worked in leading positions for several european word of mouth companies.

    Conference: „Ich teile, also bin ich.“ – Die Wirkung von nutzergenerierten Inhalten durch Collaborative Marketing

  • Matthäus Michalik

    Matthäus Michalik is a Senior Consultant at Performics, the leading global performance marketing agency that belongs to Publicis Media. As a global agency, Performics advises companies on the topics of search, social media, content marketing and display advertising, specializing in international websites and projects. Matthäus established and built up the international Outreach team within the agency, which provides support to companies in over 20 countries and in 16 different languages. With his expertise, he is able to advise corporations and provide project assistance on the topics of strategic and technical search engine optimization (SEO), app store optimization (ASO) and marketplace optimization (MPO). In addition to his role as Senior Consultant, Matthäus is also an expert speaker at national and international conferences, including OMCap in Berlin, SEMCamp in Poland and SEOZone in Turkey. Before he joined Performics, Matthäus worked in online marketing at Hitmeister and SoQuero (now BlueSummit).

    Conference: From search to everlasting love

    Seminars: Content Marketing für B2B-Unternehmen

  • Nicolas Huber

    Along with a team of six co-workers, Nicolas Huber – the Head of Informational SEO in the hosting business area at 1&1 Internet SE – is responsible for the content marketing platform “1&1 digital guide”, which is established in nine countries. During his studies, he worked on many different projects that allowed to him to gain his long-term experience in the field of online marketing. Following his Master of Business Informatics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, he started his career as an online marketing analyst at 1&1. Later on, he took a key part in the online marketing by the founding of the informational SEO team – Nicolas is still driving the area of content marketing at 1&1 today.

    Conference: Nachhaltiges, skalierbares & internationales Content Marketing im Großkonzern – Fiktion oder Wirklichkeit? Der 1&1 Digital Guide

  • Sven-Olaf Peeck

    After his apprenticeship as a printer and business administration studies at University Sven started to work as an account manager at eprofessional, an AdWords and SEO agency based in Hamburg. In 2011 he founded the consulting agency crowdmedia GmbH with his business partner Svenja Teichmann. In his projects Sven is responsible for the digital strategy of his clients and helps them to find the ideal online mix and allocation of budget. All activities are constantly optimized by measuring the performance through the use of web analytics and campaign tracking. Since 2008 Sven additionally works as a trainer and seminar facilitator and imparts his broad knowledge as well as his first-hand experience in the area of online marketing, e.g. web technologies, web analytics, search engine advertising and social media – among others at the Hamburg Media School, the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg and also inhouse für B2B and B2C companies.

    Conference: Blog und Content Marketing: Back to the roots

  • Tilak Thiagarajan

    Tilak Thiagarajan is employed at Henkel Beauty Care as a Senior Digital Marketing Manager and is responsible for all Global Beauty Care websites, Search Engine Optimization, eCRM and Digital Consultancy Apps among others. Tilak has more than 15 year of rich experience in digital marketing, e-CRM and e-Commerce from consumer goods, luxury retail, automotive and the technology industry. Tilak has an MBA degree from Manchester Business School, UK. Tilak’s team just launched the #1 content marketing portal in the German beauty industry – www.schwarzkopf.de. The “Mobile-First” site unifies all Schwarzkopf brands under one website and also allows consumers to shop products online with the integration of online e-retailers. Tilak is currently rolling out this new portal globally.

    Conference: From search to everlasting love

  • Vanessa Runge

    Vanessa found her passion for digital media during her Bachelor studies in Business Psychology in 2011. She decided to go deeper into marketing and did her master studies in “Management and Entrepreneurship” (M.A.) at the Leuphana University Lüneburg with the major subject being marketing. At crowdmedia, she advises clients on content marketing strategies since 2016. Her main focus is on the creation of content for social media and influencer marketing.

    Conference: Blog und Content Marketing: Back to the roots