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Den sympathischen Engländer Owain Lloyd-Williams zog es für fast fünf Jahre in die Volksrepublik China, bevor er zurück in die Heimat kehrte und International Lead bei Builtvisible wurde. Da liegt es fast nahe, dass Owain uns in seinem Vortrag „Content for China: Insights in marketing to the world’s largest internet market“ Einblicke in den chinesischen Online Markt geben wird. Wir freuen uns, Owain für die Content Marketing Masters nach Berlin zu holen und was ihn neben der chinesischen Kultur und Geschichte noch interessiert, verrät er euch in unserem Interview:


Content Marketing Masters: What are the different working areas and projects you work for?

Owain: I currently encompass a wide range of areas and projects within the broader digital marketing and SEO bracket, covering everything from creative content marketing to keyword research and technical audits. Given my experience within the Chinese market, many of the projects I handle are existing Western clients that are looking to branch out to the massive opportunities present in China. My role also sees me manage a number of international projects in a variety of markets, so it’s certainly a rich and varied job!

Content Marketing Masters: How did you get into the content marketing industry?

Owain: During my first few years in China I embarked on some content marketing activities for a school I worked at, which included writing a series of promotional articles and on and offline activities marketing school events. After I moved into a media position in Beijing I was soon thrown into the world of SEO and content marketing, which involved engaging with China’s massive social media demographic with a view to marketing the online magazine I was working for.

Content Marketing Masters: Have you been to Germany before? If so, did you like it? Are you looking forward to Berlin?BUILTVISIBLE

Owain: I actually haven’t! Since returning to the UK from China over a year ago I’ve been making the most of Europe’s proximity and have gallivanted around a fair amount, though Germany has been one place that I haven’t got round to seeing yet. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Berlin has to offer.

Content Marketing Masters: What are you expecting of a German content marketing conference?

Owain: I have a lot of close German friends who I’ve met in various places over the years though in all honesty, this being my first time in Germany, I don’t know what to expect. I’m hoping to meet and greet a wide range of experts from across Europe however, and I’m sure there’ll be a lot to soak in.

Content Marketing Masters: Could you give us a little sneak-preview what your session will be about?

Owain: I’ll be taking a good look at some of the key differences for doing content marketing in China. This is different to other international marketing endeavors as almost all the familiar platforms we use are either blocked or have minimal market share, so I’ll be exploring China’s social media platforms, content research tools and the kind of content that succeeds over there. It’s a very exciting time for the internet in China now as it’s constantly changing and there’s some fantastic innovation and creativity emerging from the country.

Content Marketing Masters: In which content marketing topics or developments are you most interested in?

Owain: China of course! Though in general, I’m interested in seeing what kind of mediums do well over time. My literary background generally sees me favour the long form, though of course there’s loads of exciting interactive pieces with some intricate technologies being used to communicate ideas coming out these days.

Content Marketing Masters: What work challenge keeps you up at night?

Owain: Having calls with clients from different parts of the world – literally!

Content Marketing Masters: What is the last business book you read? Can you recommend it?

Owain: I read a lot though don’t really tend to read business books. I find you can get all the ideas and life and work insights you need from a good novel or non-fiction work, though I suppose the closest thing to business literature that I’ve indulged in over the years has been the works of Malcolm Gladwell.

Content Marketing Masters: Do you have another passion besides content marketing?

Owain: Alongside a strong interest in anything China-related, I studied English literature and university and have sustained a strong interest in writing for many years. I completed my first novel last year and am working on my second, and also commit to works of poetry and short stories.

Content Marketing Masters: Thank you very much for the interview, Owain. We are looking forward to your session.


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