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Bryan Adams ist seit über 12 Jahren in der Digital Marketing Branche zuhause und heute mit seiner Agentur Ph.Creative einer der Key Player in Großbritannien. Bevor er dann am 28. Mai in seiner Session „Getting Goose Bumps“ auf der Content Marketing Masters 2015 spricht, konnten wir Bryan bereits vorab ein paar Fragen stellen:


Bryan-AdamsContent Marketing Masters: What are the different working areas and projects you work for?

Bryan: At Ph. Creative, we work across a multitude of disciplines, including the recruitment and insurance sectors. Our real strength however, is in our diversity and our ability to apply key learnings from different worlds and apply them to other sectors. We work with both large organisations and brands, such as Vodafone, LinkedIn, Virgin Media and Nationwide, alongside many smaller businesses. We love to experiment with cutting edge, disruptive marketing techniques, particularly with our smaller clients to give them a competitive edge.


Content Marketing Masters: How did you get into the content marketing industry?

Bryan: Having worked within marketing for over 15 years, expanding into content marketing is a natural progression and one that is very relevant in today’s digital world.
Content Marketing Masters: Have you been to Germany before? If so, did you like it? Are you looking forward to Berlin?

Bryan: I’ve never visited Germany before, but I’m excited to experience Berlin. I’m really looking forward to taking in the vibe and atmosphere as I’ve heard that it’s great (and of course, you guys drink beer from Steins, not pint glasses, which is always a winner in my eyes)!

Content Marketing Masters: What are you expecting of a German content marketing conference?

Bryan: Berlin has a very positive and forward thinking outlook on content marketing. I’m looking forward to not only sharing my own ideas, but hearing from others and getting involved in discussions with others who have different views. I’m hoping to make a few friends and some all-important connections with influencers.


Content Marketing Masters: Could you give us a little sneak-preview what your session will be about?

Bryan: My session will focus on recapturing the human element within marketing. As a marketer, I worry that we have become too hung up on metrics and we tend to forget that behind each social channel there is a living, breathing human. I’ll be exploring the relationship between emotion and storytelling and how you can craft these into your marketing to create more authentic and engaging connections with the right audience.


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Content Marketing Masters: In which content marketing topics or developments are you most interested in?

Bryan: I’m fascinated by the concept of contagious marketing and the essence of what makes something contagious. I also love exploring content which is designed to illicit a specific action or end goal and analysing the methods and techniques employed to provoke a reaction.


Content Marketing Masters: What is the last business book you read? Can you recommend it?

Bryan: The last business book I read was “Save the Cat!: The Only Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need” by Blake Snyder and I can definitely recommend it. It gave me loads of helpful tips and advice around structuring stories and I would recommend it for any modern day marketer.


Content Marketing Masters: Do you have another passion besides content marketing?

Bryan: Apart from content marketing, I’d consider myself a bit of a movie buff, with my favourites being: The Huslter, Bullit, Top Gun, Ferris Bueller, Superbad and Departed.


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